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Countering the Dark Web: Plan, Pray or Pay
Countering the Dark Web: Plan, Pray or Pay

The criminal underground harbors marketplaces where criminals coordinate sales of illicit merchandise and stolen data such a leaked credit cards, intellectual property, information, malware samples, exploit kits, etc. which professional cybercriminals use to target and compromise organizations around the globe. This session will focus on highlighting how such information is misused and monetized by cybercriminals.

The discussion will also envelope the advanced organization of cybercriminals, the post-breach criminal monetisation techniques, how to counter the growing number of malicious services, other activities and various techniques to understand how hackers prepare, infiltrate, exfiltrate data from corporate networks. During the session we will highlight the data breach incident from a cybercriminal's point of view to unveil unique practices to the criminal underground.

The session will discuss:

  • Post-breach criminal monetization techniques and how cybercriminals put a value to the data;
  • How to counter the growing number of organized for-hire cybercrime services;
  • Various techniques to understand hacker Modus Operadi and what they are after.

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