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Panel: The Evolution of Payments Fraud and the Emerging Threat Landscape
Panel: The Evolution of Payments Fraud and the Emerging Threat Landscape

Moderator: Mark Rasch, Principal, Rasch Technology and Cyber Law; Former Chief Security Evangelist, Verizon

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As information-security threats intensify, organizations risk becoming disoriented - focused more on grappling with complex technology, an explosion of data, increased regulation and a debilitating skills shortage. The rollout of EMV technology was supposed to fix the problem but has it been effective? Here, our panel of experts will review how the face of payments fraud has changed in the wake of the EMV rollout, and explore what is next on the horizon. Payment fraud spans more than just physical stores; and as more digital channels are used for funds transfers and payments, the channels impacted by payments fraud are expanding. By preparing for the shifting threats posed by hackers and the automated fraud tools they use, organizations can ensure they have the flexibility to withstand unexpected, high-impact security attacks and events. This session will review the top global payments security threats for 2017 and how organizations can prepare for them, as well as how next generation payments systems can be deployed to help minimize these threats.

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