Dan Gunderman

Dan Gunderman

News Desk Staff Writer

As staff writer on the news desk at Information Security Media Group, Gunderman covers governmental/geopolitical cybersecurity updates from across the globe. Previously, he was the editor of Cyber Security Hub, or CSHub.com, covering enterprise security news and strategy for CISOs, CIOs and top decision-makers. He also formerly was a reporter for the New York Daily News, where he covered breaking news, politics, technology and more. Gunderman has also written and edited for such news publications as NorthJersey.com, Patch.com and CheatSheet.com.

Sinclair TV Stations Targeted in Weekend Ransomware Attack

Dan Gunderman  •  October 18, 2021

Treasury Dept. to Crypto Companies: Comply with Sanctions

Dan Gunderman  •  October 16, 2021

US Agencies to Water Facilities: You May Be Next Target

Dan Gunderman  •  October 15, 2021

House Lawmakers Announce Bill Targeting Tech Algorithms

Dan Gunderman  •  October 14, 2021

US Convenes Global Ransomware Summit Without Russia

Dan Gunderman  •  October 13, 2021

CISA to Access Agencies' Endpoints, Help Enhance Security

Dan Gunderman  •  October 12, 2021

Democratic Lawmakers Urge Agencies to Act on Ransomware

Dan Gunderman  •  October 11, 2021

Google Says Russian APT Targeting Journalists, Politicians

Dan Gunderman  •  October 8, 2021

US DOJ to Fine Contractors for Failure to Report Incidents

Dan Gunderman  •  October 7, 2021

New Bill Would Require Ransom Disclosure Within 48 Hours

Dan Gunderman  •  October 7, 2021

Video Game Streamer 'Twitch' Confirms Massive Data Breach

Dan Gunderman  •  October 6, 2021

Top US Cyber Officials Say Ransomware Is Here to Stay

Dan Gunderman  •  October 5, 2021

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Suffer Widespread Outage

Dan Gunderman  •  October 4, 2021

President Biden Touts Cybersecurity Efforts

Dan Gunderman  •  October 1, 2021

US Agencies Awarded $311 Million in Cybersecurity, IT Funds

Dan Gunderman  •  October 1, 2021

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