Jayant Chakravarti

Jayant Chakravarti

Senior Editor, APAC

Chakravarti covers cybersecurity developments in the Asia-Pacific region. He has been writing about technology since 2014, including for Ziff Davis.

India May Postpone Enforcement of New Data Protection Law

Jayant Chakravarti  •  September 21, 2023

Microsoft: China Group Hacking Asian Telecom Phone Records

Jayant Chakravarti  •  September 20, 2023

Can Small APAC Firms Respond to Growing Ransomware Threat?

Jayant Chakravarti  •  September 18, 2023

China Denies Banning Government Use of Apple iPhones

Jayant Chakravarti  •  September 14, 2023

Ransomware Attack Wipes Out Sri Lankan Government Emails

Jayant Chakravarti  •  September 13, 2023

Chinese APT41 Implicated in Asian National Power Grid Hack

Jayant Chakravarti  •  September 13, 2023

Cybercriminals Deploy Global Investment Scam, Net $280,000

Jayant Chakravarti  •  September 8, 2023

Official Slams Aussie Firms for Data Breach Reporting Delays

Jayant Chakravarti  •  September 5, 2023

APAC Healthcare Firms Not Ready for Ransomware, Cyberattacks

Jayant Chakravarti  •  August 31, 2023

Hackers Using PDF Maldocs to Evade Detection in Japan

Jayant Chakravarti  •  August 30, 2023

Lazarus Group Debuts Tiny Trojan for Espionage Attacks

Jayant Chakravarti  •  August 25, 2023

Threat Actor Targets Hong Kong With Korplug Backdoor

Jayant Chakravarti  •  August 23, 2023

BlackCat Ransomware Group Targets Japanese Watchmaker Seiko

Jayant Chakravarti  •  August 22, 2023

North Korea's Kimsuky Group Targeted US-Korean Drills

Jayant Chakravarti  •  August 21, 2023

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