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Parliament Admits to Unsafe Email Habits
Report: Uber Paid Florida 20-Year-Old $100,000 Over Hack
Don't Be a Money Mule for the Holidays
Do You Have a Dark Endpoint Problem?
Trump Administration: 'North Korea Launched WannaCry'
Health Data Privacy and Security: What Will 2018 Bring?
Do Verizon and Sprint Make It Too Easy for ID Thieves?
Top 5 Ways to Hack a Business
Warning: Microsoft Fix Freezes Some PCs With AMD Chips
Aadhaar Security: How Can It Be Fixed?
Equifax Breach Victims: UK Count Goes Up
Expect More Cybersecurity 'Meltdowns'
Memo to the White House: Forget the 5G Moonshot
Disputed GOP Memo Released: So Now What?
Blockchain for Identity: 6 Hot Projects
Fitness Dystopia in the Age of Self-Surveillance
Bitcoin's Reign on the Dark Web May Be Waning
Google Set to Name and Shame Sites Lacking HTTPS
Equifax Gets a New CISO
Attribution Games: Don't Rush to Blame
Is US Computer Crime Justice Draconian?
Australia's New Payments Platform: Privacy Concerns
Banks Should Ensure Thorough Audits to Fight Fraud
5 Ways to Improve Insider Threat Prevention
Analysis: Supreme Court Ruling Against Aadhaar Mandate
Government Website Vulnerabilities: Mitigating the Risks
4 Tips for Implementing a Mature Endpoint Security Strategy
Facebook: Day of Reckoning, or Back to Business as Usual?
Yes, Mark Zuckerberg, You've Really Messed Up Another One
3 Steps to Asset Management and Software Auditing
What Action Will Court Take to Improve Aadhaar Security?
Julian Assange Gets Another Internet Timeout
Panera Bread Security Lesson: Rise to the Challenge
Hot Topics at the 2018 RSA Conference
'Tech Accord' Emphasizes Teamwork to Prevent Hacking Damage
SunTrust: 1.5 Million Clients' Details Potentially Stolen
Software Legend Ray Ozzie Wades Into Lawful Access Tangle
Facebook Keeps Losing the Privacy Advocates Who Can Save It
NSA: The Silence of the Zero Days
Procrastinators' Guide to GDPR Compliance
5 Top Cybersecurity Themes at RSA 2018
Spectre: The Next Generation
White House Might Eliminate Cyber Coordinator Role
Chili's Speed Question: To Notify or Not to Notify Quickly?
White House Axes Top Cybersecurity Job
Are Facebook's Election-Related Moves in India Meaningful?
Mark Zuckerberg's European Appearance: Thumbs Down
GDPR a Litmus Test for Cross-Border Privacy Attitudes
10 Hot Sessions: Infosecurity Europe in London
How to Use the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
Fraud & Breach Prevention Summit in Bengaluru: A Preview
Visual Journal: Infosecurity Europe 2018
Bengaluru Fraud & Breach Prevention Summit: Key Takeaways
Analysis: India's Artificial Intelligence Push
Facial Recognition: Big Trouble With Big Data Biometrics
Building a Cyber-Resilient Nation: Essential Steps
After Thefts, RBI Warns Cooperative Banks of App Risks
Nation-State Spear Phishing Attacks Remain Alive and Well
Unusual Attempt to Prove Aadhaar Security Raises Questions
TRAI Chairman's Aadhaar Stunt Draws Rebukes
Helpline Mishap: UIDAI Wrongly Blamed
Political Play: Indicting Other Nations' Hackers
Bitfi Gets Pwnies Award for 'Lamest Vendor Response'
Cloud Data Storage Localization: Key Concerns
Crypto Wars Continue, as Feds Seek Messenger Backdoor
Disrupting the Economics of Cybercrime
Superdrug Rebuffs Super Ransom After Supposed Super Heist
Secure 2018 US Elections: It's Too Late
Why Data Localization Proposal Needs Refinement
The Moral Responsibility of Social Networks
Election Security: FBI Combats Information Operations
Curbing Fake News on WhatsApp: What Works?
Patch Reportedly Opens Door to Fake Aadhaar Entries
OCBC Bank Service Outage: The Implications
Why Cybercrime Remains Impossible to Eradicate
Protecting India's Government From Cyberattacks
Why Was Equifax So Stupid About Passwords?
Facebook Breach: Attackers Exploited Privacy Feature
Facebook Breach: Single Sign-On of Doom
Facebook Can't Reset All Breach Victims' Access Tokens
Experts' View: Avoid Social Networks' Single Sign-On
Facebook Breach: How Should India React?
Suspected NASA Hacker Busted After Boasting About Exploits
Analysis: Government's Cybersecurity Indigenization Push
War Declared on Default Passwords
Assessing RBI's Interoperability Moves
Sextortion Scam Wields Stolen Passwords, Demands Bitcoins
Radisson Suffers Global Loyalty Program Data Breach
Facebook Tries to Improve Transparency in India
'Trump' Spam Trumps All Other Spam
Dutch Police Bust 'Cryptophone' Operation
French Cinema Chain Fires Dutch Executives Over 'CEO Fraud'
The Privacy Penalty for Voting in America
GandCrab Ransomware: Cat-and-Mouse Game Continues
Cybercrime Conference Returns to Dublin
ISMG Security Summit in Mumbai: A Preview
'Data & Leads' Site Disappears After Data Exposure Alert
Marriott Mega-Breach: Will GDPR Apply?
Mumbai Security Summit: The Hot Topics
Question: Did Quora Hack Expose 100 Million Users?
14 Hot Sessions at Black Hat Europe 2018
Congratulations: You Get 'Free' Identity Theft Monitoring
RBI Governor Urjit Patel Steps Down; What's Next?
Looking Ahead to 2019: Breaches, Regulations and More
Crafting a Data Protection Law That Works
What's Ahead for Health Data Privacy, Security in 2019?
Stop the Presses: Don't Rush Tribune Ransomware Attribution
Visual Journal: Black Hat Europe 2018
Vietnam's 'Cybersecurity' Law Says Little on Security
Germany's Mega-Leak Takeaway: Noisy Young Hacker Got Caught
Why Are We So Stupid About Passwords? German Edition
Why Software Bugs Are So Common
Data Breach Collection Contains 773 Million Unique Emails
Why Do Data Brokers Access the Australian Electoral Roll?
Collusion Investigation: 37 Indictments and Counting
Facebook Gets Its First Real Privacy Penalty - From Apple
Another Aadhaar Leak, and Yet Another Blame Game
Blaming Auditors for Breaches: Too Narrow a View
Battling Big Breaches: Are We Getting Better?
Facebook's Fact-Checking Efforts: Can They Be Effective?
Aero India 2019: The Cybersecurity Promise
The Gap Between Mobile Apps and Privacy
Is India Prepared for Retaliation by Pakistani Hackers?
Fact Checking: Sizing Up Facebook's Efforts
Why CISOs Need Partners for Security Success
Hackers Love to Strike on Saturday
Security Nightmare: Users Fail to Wipe USB Drives
Cybersecurity Incident Response and Managing Risk
Why Singapore's 'Fake News' Bill Should Be Enacted
Election Security: Is Government Doing Enough?
Learning From Wipro, JustDial Post-Breach Mistakes
The FBI's RAT: Blocking Fraudulent Wire Transfers
Party Like Every Day Is World Password Day
Cybersecurity Drives Intelligence Agencies in From the Cold
New Cyber Agency to Battle Against Hackers
Optimizing Security Operations Center Using AI
Cybersecurity's Week From Hell
Fraud & Breach Summit in Bengaluru: A Preview
New Cybersecurity Chief Shares Govt's Roadmap for Cybersecurity
Transforming Security Operations Center With AI - Part 2
11 Hot Sessions: Infosecurity Europe 2019
Do Boards Understand Cybersecurity?
No Invitation Required: Hackers Can Phish Evite Users
Cybersecurity Gets a Boost in Modi's Agenda
OK Computer: Did Radiohead Get Hacked?
Two Weekend Outages, Neither a Cyberattack
Visual Journal: Infosecurity Europe 2019
Cloudflare Criticizes Verizon Over Internet Outage
The 'Going Dark' Debate: It's Back
Huawei Offers 'No Backdoor' Assurance, But Tests Are Needed
The Costs and Risks of Account Takeover
Introducing Continuous Password Protection for Active Directory
Leak Confirms Google Speakers Often Record Without Warning
How a Big Rock Revealed a Tesla XSS Vulnerability
Vehicle Information Is for Sale; Is Privacy at Stake?
Ministry of Home Affairs Needs to Go Beyond Security Basics
Huawei Question Must Be Answered by New UK Prime Minister
Is the Equifax Settlement Good Enough?
Elon Musk Wants to Hack Your Brain
FaceApp's Real Score: A Mathematical Face Feature Set
Will WhatsApp Enable Tracking Those Who Spread 'Fake News'?
Is Apple's Top $1 Million Bug Bounty Too Much?
Creating a 'Defensible' Cybersecurity Program
Do Ransomware Attackers Single Out Cyber Insurance Holders?
Can Cybersecurity Help India Build a $5 Trillion Economy?
SEBI Cybersecurity Recommendations: Old Wine in New Bottle?
Life After Snowden: US Still Lacks Whistleblowing Rules
New Privacy Issue: The Sale of 'Community Data'
New Defense Cyber Agency Chief Spells Out Priorities
AI Surveillance Tech Promises Safety, But at What Cost?
Why Did Trump Mention CrowdStrike to Ukraine's President?
PSD2 Authentication Deadline Needs to Be Firmed Up - Now
Baltimore Ransomware Carnage Compounded by Local Storage
Zynga's Breach Notification: How Not to Inform Victims
Data Localization: Time for Bold Action
Developers' Code Reuse Security Conundrum: Cut, Paste, Fail
NSA Is Latest Intelligence Agency to Sound VPN Patch Alarm