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Security Report: Cybercrime Gets Personal

Trend Micro's Pilao on Asian Cybersecurity Landscape
Security Report: Cybercrime Gets Personal

As APTs and sophisticated attacks get more commoditized and easier to launch at enterprises today, even consumers and end users of technology are starting to feel the tangible effect of cybercrime and cybersecurity breaches. (Also see: APT Attacks Will Seek Smaller Targets)

"Attacks are getting more tangible to regular users today. Attacks are now getting closer to us... they are trying to infiltrate public sector and utilities that we sometimes tend to take for granted," says Myla Pilao, Director of marketing and research communication at Trend Micro's R&D center, TrendLabs.

Cybercriminal activities are no longer the work of just highly-organized rings, she adds - solo cyber criminals who work alone or in small groups are also enjoying significant success. Take the example of HawkEye - it's a $35 toolkit in the community, and it has infected computers worldwide. India is among the top five countries infected by this malware, she says. (Also see: Moving Beyond the Buzzwords)

These are some insights from TrendLabs Q2 Security Roundup Report. There are some trend in the report that haven't gone away, she says - for instance, point of sale malware. "We have seen a lot of sophistication on the POS malware affecting India and Asia. (Also see: Why POS Malware Still Works)

"The report also debunks the misconception that this is only happening in huge retail organizations," she says. "We are seeing across Asia that small retail companies, mom and pop shops are increasingly falling prey to such attacks."

One of India's top challenges is going to be guaranteeing security and privacy for all the technology services being provided to the rest of the globe from this region. E-Commerce is going to be the next big challenge, owing to scale.

With the current mobile penetration rate in India and China - the world's two largest countries in terms of population - the mobile challenge is going to be huge, especially considering that you can now do most of your day to day activities on mobile devices, she says.

In this interview with Information Security Media Group, Pilao discusses:

Pilao currently runs the security research communications arm of TrendLabs, the Research and Development Center of Trend Micro. She leads a team that monitors and manages critical incidents and developments in the security threat landscape, including prevalent high-profile attacks such as advanced persistent threats, (APTs) big data security, cybercrime and forensics. She is the key driver in designing creative, compelling and action-driven security global campaign programs. She is a strategic communications expert with over 10 year of experience as a regional spokesperson and evangelist.

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