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What to Do Based on 2022: Expert Analysis of TPSRM Survey

Executive Insights on What Survey Results Mean - and How to Put Them to Work

No matter how good your internal risk prevention and mitigation strategies may be, an unknown, incomplete or inaccurate view of supplier risk leaves your organization vulnerable.

This means your executive team and board need to understand, prioritize and resource defenses against third-party risk - whether in due diligence, onboarding, once onboard or in offboarding. It is a top-tier risk register item, and it is not a one-off either. You need continuous monitoring to evaluate the security stance of third parties on an ongoing basis. You need to know if - or rather, when - your suppliers get breached or fall out of compliance.

This global survey was conducted in Q2 2022. Focused across sectors, the study attracted 191 responses from organizations with 1,000 employees or more. In this exclusive OnDemand webinar, Tony Morbin, executive news editor at ISMG, dives into the story behind the results and interviews Demi Ben-Ari, the co-founder, CTO and head of security at Panorays, who provides expert analysis of the findings.

Did you know that roughly 1 in 7 companies never discuss third-party security risk management at their executive team or board level meetings? Educational initiatives and business context conversations led by the CISO and CIOs are likely needed before budget and priorities can be adjusted to account for the inherent and residual risks associated with TPSRM. Explore this informative executive summary webinar to learn more, and be sure to download the full research results report here.

About the Author

Tony Morbin

Tony Morbin

Executive News Editor, EU

Morbin is a veteran cybersecurity and tech journalist, editor, publisher and presenter working exclusively in cybersecurity for the past decade – at ISMG, SC Magazine and IT Sec Guru. He previously covered computing, finance, risk, electronic payments, telecoms, broadband and computing, including at the Financial Times. Morbin spent seven years as an editor in the Middle East and worked on ventures covering Hong Kong and Ukraine.

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